These illustrated floor plans are a great way to let guests see exactly what to expect when they arrive at your rental home. They are customized with lots of little details that make each home so unique.
How does it work?
1. Contact me to say hello and find out about availability:
2. Draw out the layout of your property on an A4 sheet and email me a photo or scan of it. The layout should include each room, windows and doors with labels and simple shapes to show where the furniture and objects are placed. Please note that my drawings are not made to scale but are made to look cute :-) 
3. I will provide a quote based on the number of rooms and other details such as outdoor space etc.
4. Please include a link to your property's web page where I can see photos*. I'll use these as references for the style and colours of furniture and other objects. I will use my imagination for things that aren't shown in photos and there are two rounds of edits included in the price. The first round is for you to confirm my drawing is correct in black and white and the second is for the colours and details. 
*If you live in or around Lagos, Portugal I am also pleased to offer a photography service! You can see examples of my photos here
5. When the illustration is finished you can upload it to your gallery and share away!
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