Plant-hair Portraits
A personal project exploring different mediums (ink, digital, watercolour, and coloured pencil). I can imagine them being used on a range of seed packets and/or homeware for keen gardeners!
The Grumpy Mermaids
Illustrations based on life drawings that explore themes of ocean pollution and the bad moods we all find ourselves in from time to time. I am working on a short story in a graphic novel format that shows how one of these mermaids met her fate.
'Into the sunset'
Golden hour is Molly & Twig's favourite time of day. They decide to follow the sunset to try and make it last longer, but they get distracted and before they know it the sun has disappeared, plunging them into darkness...
'Can we be friends?'
A story about a lonely Anglerfish who wants to make some friends. The trouble is, every time she gets close enough to say hello, the other creatures swim away in fright!
Digital illustrations of some vintage camping set-ups.
Essential Oils
A range of vector illustrations for Bio Scents' essential oils packaging. You can see them in use here.
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